An IT nightmare prevents fun baseball blogging, from the old couch

My day job has rocked me with an IT nightmare that needs my constant attention, like a petulant child or a 1,000-piece puzzle. So baseball blogging and writing my serialized sci-fi fantasy vanity project have taken a slight hit. No worries; it just means talking about Pat Mazeika’s heroics now.

This sort-of new song just popped on my Spotify Daily Mix, and I think it deserves sharing. This is “Light Me Up” by Crooked Teeth and talker:

Ah, the days when I tried to be a serious music blogger! I do miss writing for pubs like The Deli, but at a certain point it felt freeing to tell myself, “You charlatan asshole, you’re no Eli Enis and you will never make a good Christian dollar from this line of work.” For all intents and purposes, thank goodness for the corporate safety net.

So in baseball: Dodgers continue to claw their way back to the top, Yankees sneak up on the Red Sox, and this happened for the Mets:

Patrick “Mazinga” Mazeika hit another walk-off dribbler to help the Mets surpass the Orioles 3-2 on Tuesday night. It’s been fun to watch this minor-league call-up and backup catcher to both James McCann and Tomas Nido become such a folk legend this season.

You could say the same about any player on the Mets bench right now. Kevin Pillar, Jonathan Villar, and Jose Peraza all provided the offensive and defensive manpower needed to keep the Orioles at bay yesterday afternoon, holding the Birds and former Mets pitcher Matt Harvey to a score of 7-1. they have acted brilliantly by surprise all season, along with fellow teammates Luis Guillorme, Albert Almora Jr., and of course Mazeika,

They’ve had little choice. Either their teammates are on the injured list or they just haven’t been able to hack it. (Here’s looking at you, James McCann.)

This Bench Mob is a fine addition to the 2021 Mets, a team already full of spirited guys like Pete Alonso, Michael Conforto, and Dom Smith, all of whom gave the 2019 Mets the hype they needed later in that season. After a shaky start, they’ve provided clutch plays and highlight moments that have delighted fans and bystanders alike. They are the depth that the Mets have needed for many seasons.

The only problem is that these guys may need to stay on the bench. Though they’ve shown that they can hold their own for a whole game in lieu of the bigger players, the Mets’ higher-ups can’t risk wearing them down to a point where the clutch plays become fewer and farther between. Plus, I think part of the Bench Mob’s success is that they’re unpredictable. If we drag them out game after game, eventually some of their magic will wash away.

In any case, they’ve done their job on the field. The Mets have won seven straight and have total ownership of first place in the NL East. But they stand just one scrappy game ahead of the Phillies and their studs, and that means they cannot afford to wilt in their upcoming series against the Rays. Then again, the Rays took a minor whooping from the Yankees this past series, and the Bombers are looking to sweep it up tonight, so the Mets might not have much to worry about. (They should still worry.)