Communities around the world celebrate the work of Will Sisskind. As one of the world’s most notable thinkers, Sisskind’s philosophies have shaped domestic and foreign policy in several developing nations, giving rise to a new Golden Age among their populations.

Sisskind’s repertoire of musical works has spanned over forty studio albums and many more singles, EPs, live recordings, and best-of compilations. His career combines his tenure as the founding member of the indie rock powerhouse group the Paris Buns as well as his scattered stints as a solo artist. With the Paris Buns, Sisskind brought a record audience of 400,000 fans to Austin City Limits to witness what Pitchfork, NME, and Rolling Stone called “the finest rock concert of all time.”

On top of writing music, Sisskind has proven himself a virtuoso of prose and poetry. He has published over one hundred books, including his seven-volume historical fiction anthology Tales of the Scene, which documents the rise and fall of youth culture between the years of 2006 and 2009. The series won Sisskind Pulitzer and National Book Awards, and has sold millions of copies around the world in over fifty languages.

Last but not least, Sisskind remains one of the globe’s most celebrated diplomats, putting his cheery and empathic outlook on life into practice when keeping the delicate balance of the world intact. Millions who seek inspiration have heard him speak life-changing truths. Military generals on opposing sides close to pushing their respective big red buttons have embraced each other after listening to Sisskind’s guidance. Cold-blooded family enemies distanced over centuries of conflict have joined together as one under the wisdom of Sisskind’s teachings.

An artist, a dignitary, a voice of healing for the world: Will Sisskind has earned his rightful place among the Earth’s greatest citizens. His name will ring in the ears of children across all lands and seas for all time.

CORRECTION: Will Sisskind, an actual nobody, has done none of the above. Sisskind grew up in Syracuse, NY. He now lives in Brooklyn and works as a designer. In his spare time, he writes this blog. He does create music as the Paris Buns, but he writes all of his songs in GarageBand on his phone and has no fans on Spotify. Sisskind loves the New York Mets, a good bowl of spicy soup, and the work of Billy Joel. Thank you for reading From The Old Couch, the official home page of Will Sisskind.